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Most people like the idea of orthodontics- straight teeth, a beautiful smile, and all the confidence that comes along with it. The point where people begin to lose interest is usually when we start to talk about braces. Most people, adults in particular, are self-conscious about letting others know they are going through orthodontic treatment, and braces can often be a noticeable red flag. So what if there was a way to obtain a spectacular smile without anyone knowing you are undergoing orthodontic treatment?
At Jupiter Kids Dentistry & Orthodontics, we offer precisely that with the Invisalign system. No more wondering what people think about you and your braces, because there won't be any braces to see. Instead, Invisalign uses a set of clear aligners that do not require any wires, brackets, or other metal appliances. You will be straightening your teeth with no one the wiser.

Invisalign Aligners

The Invisalign System combines today's modern 3-D computer technology with the techniques and understanding that have been gained through 100+ years of science in orthodontics. The Invisalign aligners work by moving your teeth in gradual steps towards a final position that has been prescribed by Dr. Martin. When undergoing treatment, each Invisalign aligner is precisely calibrated to fit your mouth. This helps to create minimal discomfort during the treatment process and the aligners will fit snuggly, but comfortably around your teeth. The treatment will entail anywhere between 12 and 48 sets of Invisalign aligners, with each set worn for around two weeks. The number of sets will depend primarily on the current state of your mouth in relation to where we want it to be. The aligners should be worn at all times aside from eating, brushing, and flossing. Furthermore, because the aligners are completely removable, so you can still enjoy all your favorite foods with zero dietary restrictions!
To learn even more about the Invisalign system and how it works, please visit the Invisalign website.

Obtaining Invisalign

Your first step is to visit Dr. Martin and determine if Invisalign is right for you. He is extremely friendly and only works with your best interest in mind. It is for this reason that he will carefully examine your mouth to determine what the proper course of action should be. If you would like to schedule an appointment, feel free to do so and someone from our friendly staff will contact you to set up the appointment. We're excited to see you and your new smile!

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