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Before and After. All the cases below are of actual patients in our office.

Case 1
Elaina came in concerned about her displaced upper canines and crowding. We placed upper and lower braces. Her smile is beautiful and she couldn't be more happy!
before and after1

Case 2
Brycen is a great kid who did not have enough room for his front teeth. We placed an upper expander and upper braces. Now he cant stop smiling!

before and after2

Case 3
Nathan came in wearing his signature white glasses and once we finished his treatment he switched over to some awesome blue glasses. He had some crowding on the upper and a constricted upper jaw. We placed an upper expander and braces on the front teeth. Great Smile!

before and after3

Case 4
Nina had braces in her teenage years. Her biggest concern was her lower jaw and front crossbite. Nina wore upper and lower clear ceramic braces for 18 months with elastics. We were able align her teeth and jaws in a more favorable and cosmetically appealing position. Keep smiling Nina and show off your beautiful smile!

before and after3